5 Common Mistakes When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

With the increasing popularity of vacuum cleaners, the market features varieties and varieties of vacuums like never before.

So, you’ll have to sweat to get the best vacuum for your needs- sometimes get confused, overwhelmed, name it!

And if you buy the wrong vacuum, it will leave dirt on your floor; in worst cases, it will cause damages to your floors.

If you want to buy the right vacuum for your needs, avoid making the five common mistakes buyers make year after year below.

1. Buying a noisy vacuum cleaner

Very few people consider the noise factor when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. The bigger percentage focuses on the vacuum power.

What if you buy a vacuum as noisy as a rock concert or jackhammer? That would be unpleasant, and if you live in an apartment complex, you’ll get complaints from your neighbors. It is especially true if you use your cleaner early in the morning or late at night.

Lucky for you, some vacuum operates with a near-silent operation, ensuring you clean your home while giving your neighbors some peace of mind.

2. Buying a too heavy vacuum

Imagine buying a too heavy vacuum and you’ve got a big home, which requires you to move the cleaner upstairs?

That will feel too cumbersome for you; you’ll encounter challenged trying to move your vacuum cleaner around (and you won’t like it).

The simple solution is seeking the lightweight vacuums that still do the cleaning job perfectly well.

3. The cleaner does not pick pet and human hair

If you’ve got pets at home, you’d want to purchase a vacuum cleaner which can easily pick up the pet hair, not to forget your hair too.

Surprisingly, pet and human hairs are the top reasons why most vacuum cleaners fail. These hairs tend to get into your device bearings- resulting in overheating and melting the plastic parts of your cleaner.

Make a mistake of not buying the right vacuum for this job, and you’ll be replacing it year after year.

Next time you go out shopping, specially designed to do this task. Most of the vacuums come with specialized rubber nozzles or metal brush rolls which attract all the pet and human hair in your home.

4. Buying a model not suited for allergies

Despite a high number of consumers being allergic to pollen, dust, and other common allergens, they still make this mistake.

If you’re sensitive to any allergen(s), be sure to buy a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. It’s certified to remove up to 99.97% of particles as tiny as 0.3 microns- this includes all the common allergens.

5. Hard to vacuum your stairs

If your home has stairs, you ought to look for a vacuum that can easily clean this area easily.

Otherwise, you’ll be cleaning other areas and leaving your stairs unclean which equate to zero work.

Canister vacuums are the best models for this job given their high versatility.

If you hover through the best canister vacuum cleaners ratings and reviews at onlycanistervacuum.com, you’ll find your perfect match that allows you to effortlessly but thoroughly clean your stairs.

Final Thoughts

Do you want a vacuum cleaner that helps you clean your entire house without any challenges or issues? If yes, stop making the above common mistakes and start being more careful when shopping for the right vacuum for your needs. Looking at the best selling canister vacuum buying guide will help you land on the right device for the job.