Five Top Tips for Securing Your Home This Winter

Keeping your home secure is important all year round, but once winter arrives it’s really worth taking a look at whether your security is up to scratch. With the extra hours of darkness, as well as the knowledge that more people are likely to have high value items in their homes, thieves are definitely a concern.

With that in mind, we have put together five top tips to help you keep your home secure this winter. It’s time to check the security of your home, and see whether you could benefit from taking some extra measures!

Keep doors secure

It may sound obvious, but making sure your doors are actually locked, and that your locks are of sufficient quality is really important. Duratec Security Solutions told us: “Many people do not realise how easy it is for thieves to gain access to their homes through their front doors. Some locks are simply inadequate, and easy to open using a card. Anti-slip latches should be installed on all entrance doors, or a dead bolt. Even better, install a door which locks at several different points and is difficult to force.”

If you are entertaining guests, make sure that you do not leave the front doors unlocked when you are all gathered at the back, or vice versa, as it is possible for experienced burglars to relieve you of your Christmas shopping while you’re distracted.

Secure windows

Securing your windows is just as important as your doors. Most home insurers will insist that you have approved locks on the windows, and keep them locked.

It is also worth investing in double glazing, if you do not already have it, as it is much easier to break a single pane and gain entry. Not only that, but you will benefit from far superior insulation in the winter.


Burglar alarms and floodlights ought to go a long way to putting off would be thieves from trying your home. The flashing blue light of a burglar alarm is often enough to put off an opportunist thief, and alarms are available that notify law enforcement if they detect a break in, as well as making plenty of noise. Gravel on paths and driveways is also often off putting due to the noise it makes.

Thieves like the cover of darkness, so motion triggered flood lights are a great deterrent. Even putting up plenty of festive lighting can help a little, although this is not a permanent solution. If putting up outdoor Christmas lights, ensure that lights or power cables are not fed through windows, preventing them from closing.

Also consider installing a home security camera, which can not only alert you if somebody attempts to gain entry, but also assist with any police enquiries.

Common sense

Don’t leave your expensive purchases in view, certainly not near a window. It is almost like an invitation for the opportunist burglar to advertise your high value items that way.

The same actually goes for social media channels. We are often told to be careful what we post online, and with good reason. Criminals can get all sorts of information from your posts, from the fact that you’ve made a big purchase or are going to be going away and leaving your home empty, to enough to even steal your identity. Check out this article from the Express for the social media posts you should avoid.

 Don’t leave spare keys under a doormat, or anywhere on the property. Instead, give spare keys to friends or family members. It may be a little more inconvenient if you do find yourself locked out, but it is worth it as criminals know where to look.

Get to know the neighbours

If you are in a neighbourhood watch area you may even benefit from reduced premiums on home insurance, and it’s always good to know that people are looking out for each other. Even if you aren’t in an official watch area, it’s well worth getting to know your neighbours.