Four Big Kitchen Trends We Hope Will Stick Around

Styles, trends, fashions: they all change with the times. Year in and year out what was very hot one day suddenly was not the next day.  It can be hard to keep up with this sometimes.

Fortunately, when it comes to home design, these trends do not change quite so quickly.  And when it comes to your Divine Cabinetry kitchen, here are four trends that have come and—we should hope—could be here to stay.


It was not that long ago that loud, bright colors were all the rage in home design projects, and particularly in kitchen renovations.  Well, it seems like those days may be fading, though, some color is never a bad idea. Still, the eye is moving back towards the classic white trim on white walls, but contractors and home designers are now recommending shades of gray—and it’s not because of the popularity of that book/movie.  Charcoal, eggshell, gray, and other muted neutrals are a bit more attractive, these days, than boring old white. And people seem to be choosing pastels over bold colors, as a complement. Again, a few pops of color remain a good idea, just in a more minimal way; at least, for now.


Last year was all about metallic finishes: big, ballsy, brass and bronze and copper elements that remained bold but understated. This year, the move is in the opposite direction: bringing these metallic elements to the forefront and featuring them for the sometimes exquisite designs that they are.  This does not just refer to your oversized refrigerator, but you can also add these metallic textures in the form of shiny chrome faucets and pendant lights.  Metal range hoods are also becoming more popular.


Maybe it has something to do with the fact that housing is getting more and more expensive, but families are really taking to the integrated living spaces concept. Basically, this idea removes walls and combines multiple spaces without complicating them.  Designers continue to anticipate that this trend will grow as home buyers will want to save money on smaller spaces.

Finally, a big trend right now—that will probably continue to grow—is smart spaces.  These spaces focus on integrating technology to make everything more functional.  This design focuses mostly on artificial intelligence and web-ready devices, tech-integrated counter tops and appliances (like refrigerators that order food for you).