Selecting Laminate Flooring Styles for Your Home

Although most homeowners like the look of timber floors, they can be fairly expensive depending on the type of wood selected. However, you can enjoy the look of timber flooring without spending thousands of dollars by selecting laminate planks in place of timber. However, there are other laminate floor styles available as well.

Laminate Flooring Choices

You can find many different flooring styles made from laminate that are available for installation throughout your home. If you don’t want to have timber flooring in your kitchen or your bathrooms, laminate flooring also includes stone, slate, and ceramic veneers. So, you can have natural looking floors by selecting a laminate alternative, which is easier to maintain and easier to replace in case it is damaged.

For people who love the look of timber floors, laminates are available in most wood tones. So, when you’re selecting flooring, you will be able to purchase laminate in colours like:

  1. Light oak.
  2. Pine
  3. Maple
  4. Mahogany
  5. Cedar
  6. Bamboo

Some companies also make laminate planks in white, black, or grey, so you can choose to give your floors a modern appearance when renovating your home.

Textured Options

When choosing laminate planks, many companies can actually manufacture some textures that feel like real timber. While most people prefer their laminate floors to be smooth, some planks are made with subtle grooves and grain-like textures so that you can feel, as well as see, the resemblance to timber, particularly when you walk across them with bare feet. Their feel will make it even more difficult for your friends and family to tell whether your flooring is real timber or laminate.

Easy Maintenance

If you have real timber flooring, you have to be careful with how it is cleaned, how you move furniture across the floor, as well as how your children and/or pets play on it. Real timber can be easily scratched and it tends to absorb water, which will stain the floors if it isn’t properly maintained. While you may be able to lightly sand away damage and refinish your floors, you can avoid these issues by installing laminate floors to begin with.

If you spill liquid or drop food on a laminate floor, you can easily wipe it up with a soft cloth or use a damp sponge mop to clean it. Laminate is hard to scratch, so you can scoot furniture across the floor and allow your children and pets to play on it whenever they wish. If any laminate planks are damaged, you can simply remove and replace them with very little trouble.

Laminate doesn’t fade when it’s exposed to sunlight, so you don’t have to worry about closing your blinds or drapes during the day. The plastic coating on the laminate planks prevents the sun’s UV rays from affecting the colour of the flooring, so it never looks faded or dull. They stay looking great no matter what you do, because laminate is much more durable than real timber.

If you want the look of real timber floors, but cannot afford them, you can select laminate planks instead. You can also select laminate floors if you prefer the look of stone, ceramic, or slate in your home.