Useful Tips That Can Help In Drain Repair And Clearing Blockages

Cleaning clogged drains is a complex task. There are many chemical based products available in the market which may be used for cleaning blocked drains. However, before cleaning drains, it is important to identify the part of the drain which may have been clogged.

Tips for cleaning clogged drains

The following tips may prove useful is solving various types of drainage issues. Few of them include:

Slow drains

Drainage may become slow due to several reasons. The most common reason for slow drainage is accumulation of debris or other particles in the trap arm. For resolving such issues, it is advisable to thoroughly clean clogs and debris. In case the problem persists, the main line cap or plug may be checked. A plumbing snake may also be used to clear invisible blockages.

Clogging in bathtub or shower

Bathtubs and showers may get clogged due to accumulation of shampoo, soap and hair which accumulate in the plumbing. Drain sticks may be used to remove stubborn bathroom clogs. The sticks contain barbs which can easily pull out debris and hair, thereby clearing the clog.

Serious blockages

Sometimes, the clogging in drains may be severe. For such severe clogs, sewer jet blasting may be used. The technique is extremely effective for clearing serious blockages. The process involves pumping pressurized water with force through the plumbing.

The force of the water breaks clogs and allows pipes to flow freely. However, while using this technique, it is advisable to seek professional help. This is important as after the blasting, a hydrostatic test which detects leaks, cracks and weak spots is recommended.

Preventing reoccurrence of clogs

Some home remedies can prove to be extremely useful in preventing formation of clogs. Baking soda and white vinegar may be used to prevent clogs from forming. The reaction between baking soda and white vinegar results in foam, which helps in removing accumulated residue from pipes, sinks and showers.

Few other helpful tips for cleaning blocked drains include:

  • Using plunger for clearing minor clogging in drains.
  • Brine solution may be used for eliminating bad odours and preventing grease build-up.
  • Various types of drain cleaners may also be used to clear clogging.
  • Mechanical snakes and other tools can effectively clean clogs and drains.

Drain blockages are common in most households. Minor blockages can easily be cleared by using certain tricks and homemade solutions. However, in case of major blockages, seeking professional assistance is recommended.