Choose Jarrah: Gorgeous, Durable Floors You Desire

Great durability and vibrant colour are two elements of jarrah wood that make it so desirable and useful for home improvement projects. Belying its rough bark, the wood beneath shows strong shades of red and is sought by woodworking enthusiasts and professionals for its swirling grain and tight knots. Found only in the south and west of Western Australia, it provides an excellent source for flooring and other projects.

Other characteristics making this timber so marketable are moderate prices except for burl block or pieces with a particularly attractive curl pattern and its resistance to rot, decay, and insect attack. Heartwood can range in colour from light red to brick red. The wood actually darkens over time when exposed to light.

Under Your Feet

To put this in the most basic terms, flooring is one of the best uses for jarrah timber. In fact, top suppliers find that this selection is very popular with property owners. While the wood is fine for heavy construction, outdoor furniture, cabinetry, and veneer, it is especially prized for flooring because of its appearance and its durability. Crafts persons and woodworkers make use of jarrah for turned objects as well.

If you’re interested in jarrah flooring in Perth, you have access to leading providers of quality products. Simply visit the website to find out more about solid timber, bamboo, engineered floors, decking, and much more. Choose jarrah and you’ll find that your rooms have added a new level of elegance and sophistication. Family members and guests will immediately notice the warmth and the luxury.

In addition, you’ll enjoy this finish for years, thanks to the durability of this wood. It shows a remarkable ability to stand up to heavy foot traffic, making it the perfect choice in almost any setting. Of course, you’ll want to have skilled and experienced workers install your jarrah flooring. When the floor is in place, you can be sure that the project will meet or exceed your expectations.

One Stop

After making the wise decision to use jarrah for your floors, you should make sure that you’re working with a true full-service company. Talk to a representative about your specific flooring needs. They’ll help you make the perfect selection using their experience and knowledge of fine wood products and make the arrangements for delivery and installation. The goal is to work with someone who makes the process stress-free for each valued customer.

You’ve selected jarrah and have set the date for professional installation. Now it’s time to relax and look forward to a beautiful hardwood floor that you can enjoy for many years. The grain and colour of this durable wood has kept it at or near the top of the popularity list for years and it’s likely to remain there in the future. Look on high-quality flooring as an investment in your property, which it is. With proper care, you should have a floor that will last for generations. By the way, you should choose a specialist who can also provide reliable advice on the care and maintenance of your new floor.