Choosing Quality Timber for Your Project

When you have property, you may need to set up railings or bollards to direct people or cars in the right direction. You can easily get this done when you choose products from a reputable company. When you purchase heavy duty products, they may last much longer. You can also expect to have several choices to keep your locations looking great. You can often choose from different strengths and colours. The style that you choose can also make a huge difference in how your property looks to those passing through.


Before you go on to make a purchase, you need to consider the style that you would like to use. When you are lining a walk, road, or edging of a pasture it is important to think about the purpose. You can simply choose timber bollards in Brisbane or add railing for further protection. If you just want to make the perimeter clear to others, bollards alone may be the perfect choice. If you prefer to make sure people stay out of a certain area, you may be better off adding some railing. This makes more of a statement to those passing that they should stay off your property. While this makes a bold statement, it is also aesthetically pleasing.


You also need to choose a strength that can hold up to long-term use. Lighter bollards may work well on walkways leading to your home or low-traffic areas. If you have land that is extensive or takes in a lot of visitors, you may prefer to use a heavy-duty timber. This way if children are climbing on them or you have inclement weather, they are sure to remain intact. You may not have to replace bollards as often when you choose a stronger wood, as well. This can make the endeavour much more cost efficient.


Many people are not concerned about the colour of wood used on their bollards or railings. Some places, however, offer different types of wood and stains. This can add to the beauty of your property. Take note that all wood darkens as it weathers. This tends to add to the rustic look of many areas, however. Choose a colour that can stand the aging well. Your property can stand out when you take the time to add a little style to your perimeter. Colour is nice; however, it is most important that the timber is treated properly to withstand heat, cold, and rain.

Bollards and railings are a great way to keep traffic going in the right direction and keep people off of your property. You may not mind if they are walking through, if they stay on the walking area. If you are having trouble enforcing the concept with bollards alone, you may need to add railings, instead. You may also need to consider strength if you live in an area where a lot of foot traffic comes through. Your bollards need to stand up to strong weather and human antics.