Different Types Of Sofa-Cum-Beds For Your Living Room!

If you have a small home, you have to choose furniture that can accomplish dual objectives. A sofa cum bed is one such item that’s essential for contemporary interiors. Here are the common types that you will find in the market.

Pull-out sofa-cum-beds

This is probably the most common type of sofa cum bed in the market. It comes with an additional frame that can be pulled out to turn the sofa into a bed. When not in use, the frame and mattress are hidden underneath the main structure. When you are short on budget, this is probably the best choice, especially if you want opt for metal or wooden designs.

Futon sofa beds

You will find futon sofa beds in many stores, and the mechanism is quite different from the pull-out one. This type of sofa cum bed comes with a single frame that can be adjusted to make a bed. The mattress is typically an additional accessory and can be adjusted as required. These sofa beds don’t have arms and are considerably cheaper. The couch base may have additional frames, which will make the bed bigger as required.

Convertible sofa bed

If you are willing to spend on a furniture item that will last for years and is functional at the same time, you should consider a convertible sofa bed. These are designed to look like a contemporary sofa but have the necessary attachments and frames, which can be used to convert the product into a big bed. The mechanism is more effective but complex and you can even turn some models into a bunk bed.

If you want to get the best prices on sofa beds, check online now for more options. Select a product that matches the existing interiors, and before placing the order, do take the measurements of the available space.