Does Your Lawn Need Irrigation?

You need to water your lawn regularly to ensure its health and appearance. You should also know something about the turfs that are available for lawns. By choosing the right turf and installing an effective irrigation system, you lawn will always look great at a minimal cost. Retaining walls should also be added to add to your lawn’s appearance and prevent problems with erosion.

Express Your Lawn Care Concerns First

When contacting a lawn care company, such as Instant Lawn Adelaide, you need to tell the representative about your current lawn care concerns and what you would like to realise in terms of appearance and cost. If you want to install a new living lawn and an irrigation system, the natural carpet you install should last at least three decades or more.

Choosing a Lawn That Will Weather the Weather

By choosing the right lawn care company, you will know what to use in soils and fertilisers as well. Lawns in Australia can take a beating from various weather extremes. Therefore, they must be as beautiful as they are tough. That is why certain turfs are recommended for lawns in Australia.

For example, Sir Walter turf is an indigenous grass that does well in sunny or shady conditions. It can withstand excessive frost or heat, as well as drought conditions. Therefore, you do not have to spend as much money when irrigating or watering this type of grass. The grass features a soft leaf, which adds to its stunning appearance.

A Vibrant Green Lawn

You may also want to consider Eureka Kikuyu turf if you live in Adelaide. This type of grass grows well in this area. The grass is used on residences, ovals, fairways, and parks. Its vibrant green colour and medium-course type adds to its appeal and popularity.

A Lawn That Is Golf-friendly

Some homeowners like Nullarbor couch turf grass. This grass is designed for sport-type surfaces and for commercial and residential venues. You usually will see this type of grass on a golf course, in a sports stadium, or on a tennis court.

Why Sir Walter Is a Bestseller

Of the aforementioned grasses, Sir Walter Buffalo turf is considered a bestseller. That is because it always conveys a rich and green colour. The turf, which is completely safe for pets or kids, grows tight, and therefore prevents the emergence of weeds. The grass also thrives through each season – an important consideration if you live in Australia.

Making a Selection for a Lawn Product

Once you find the lawn that is designed for your property, you will need to learn more about the care requirements. If you choose a lush and green lawn that is drought resistant, you can save on the cost of watering it. Also, a grass that grows tight makes care an easier activity. In turn, you can slash off the expenses involved in weeding or fertilising the grass.

Select a grass that stands up well to weather extremes and that is both beautiful and practical. You can find out more about the various lawn turfs that are available for installation online. Learn all you can about the products to make a better and more informed decision.