Five Good Reasons You Need an Awning

When you need to add crucial shade to a building and keep within your budget, an awning is your best option to beat the summer sun and enjoy more comfortable time in the outdoors. You may have wondered in the past why an awning is so beneficial to so many types of buildings and it is high time you stop wondering and install one for yourself. Once you enjoy the many benefits associated with a new awning, your decision will clearly be well worth it in the end.

Eliminate Sunscreen

Whenever you go outdoors, sunscreen is a crucial tool to keep yourself protected against the damaging radiation of the sun. That said, you should not be forced to lather on chemicals just to enjoy your own patio space during the hotter days of the summer. Awnings in Melbourne will allow you to enjoy the beautiful Australian weather during even the hottest and brightest months of the year without being forced to layer on the sunscreen.

An awning will block up to 98% of the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun while simultaneously providing cool shade to your patio or deck. In addition, you can expect the area beneath your awning to be as many as 12 degrees lower than the areas outside of the awning. That is a significant reduction of heat that can be used to help you, your family, and friends enjoy bonding time together in the outdoors.

Increase Liveable Space

You should never be forced to avoid your own lawn due to the weather and awnings are your chance to find your way back into the outdoors. An awning is your tool to provide your patio with ample shade, increase the liveable space of your home, and make it possible to step outside again. Now you can set out a few chairs and a new table and enjoy a good book in the shade. Invite friends and family out to enjoy the shade along with you. This is a great location for dinner parties and nights spent drinking together and sharing stories. With your new space, you can host dinner parties, play games with friends, or simply savour a fresh cool drink on a hot summer day.


Improve Curb Appeal

An awning is a beautiful addition to the home and it adds as much aesthetic appeal as it does functionality. When you install a new awning, you add a new level of attraction to your property that may add real value. If you wish to eventually sell your home or building, an awning is a serious attraction to potential buyers. These type of additions to a building add functionality and practicality that may increase your chances of getting a great offer on your property. With the extra money earned, you may be able to find a bigger and better property to which to move.

Even if you do not intend to eventually sell your property, an awning is a great way to show visitors your great sense of taste. There are a variety of colours and patterns available, meaning you can make a decision based off of your personal interests and the look of your unique home. Once you know what you want, installation is fast and simple, and the cost of an awning is cost-effective enough to make the decision easy.