Four Common Mistakes Homeowners Make with their HVAC System

Knowing some tips and how to effectively and efficiently heat and cool your house is important to make sure that you are doing it right. And you might want to know the common heating and cooling mistakes that home owners make so you can avoid them and ensure you have a comfortable home and save money on energy costs.

Not Ensuring the Unit Is Properly Positioned

In terms of your HVAC unit’s outdoor part you’re likely to initially wish to hide it behind a few bushes or tree. However when you place it near such kinds of things, this may impact its ability to efficiently work. So you may have to pay a lot more on your energy bills every month. What you should do is to find a location near your house where you can put the unit without being too exposed to the sun while being around some bushes or trees.

Failing To Conduct an Energy Audit

An energy audit must be done once or twice every year. This is basically a house inspection which could reveal air or water leaks, insulation problems with your attic, and malfunctions of your appliances. An energy audit can fix cooling and le chauffage problems since fixing your air leaks can keep your house in a more comfortable temperature. And of course you will enjoy a significant decrease in your energy bills.


Not Running Your Unit Properly

If you’re somebody who cut that the unit off because you think it will save you some money on energy costs during a milder weather, know that it is best to turn down the thermostat. This is because if the unit is completely off it can cause the growth of mold on it. This could result in your HVAC unit not working altogether. Consider investing in a programmable thermostat that allows you to protect your unit without the need to turn it off or set it so it will run full blast.


Not Considering Using Ceiling Fans

If it is very cold or hot outside and you would want to make the rooms in your house a little warmer or cooler, the use of ceiling fans can allow you to adjust the temperature without spending plenty of energy. During summer, ceiling fans can be helpful in minimizing home temperature by up to 5 to 7 degrees .And during the winter, setting the ceiling fan to rotate counter clockwise let them pull the heat from the ceiling down closer to your location.