Four Great Reasons to Sell Scrap Metal

With any construction project, scrap metal is produced as part of the natural process and it can quickly pile up and cause obstructions throughout the site. Some companies send their scrap metal to the dump, unaware that they could be saving a significant amount of time and money by simply selling it to companies that recycle the material. Copper is particularly beneficial and it can help you to earn some of your budget back after a large project is completed by your workers.


Although this is just one of many benefits, there are certain monetary advantages to selling your scrap metal in Perth to a company that will recycle it. Doing so will allow you to receive a significant portion of the investment made into the metal at the beginning of your project back, which can reduce overall costs. Although you are unlikely to receive the full value of the metal, you will certainly receive the majority of your investment back, leaving you with more profit on which to build further projects.


Beyond simply earning cash, selling your scrap metal to be recycled will do a great deal to improve and preserve the environment. Today, more and more businesses and individuals are taking steps to “go green” and do what they can to improve the environment around the world and one way to do this is to recycle scrap metals. Rather than mine new materials, which can lead to further emissions of greenhouse gases, it is far less damaging to utilise recycled metals for the fabrication of new products.

Water Conservation

Throughout the year, many Australians are forced to make use of rainwater harvesting tanks and other water-conserving tools to keep up with dry summers and drought. Selling your scrap metal is a great way to conserve water by up to 40% when compared to mining for metals. Not only will you return some of your investment but you also make an investment into the conservation of water and the environment, an action that is good for a company’s reputation.

Resource Preservation

Every single construction project will produce some amount of scrap metal throughout the process and choosing to sell it to companies that will go on to recycle the material will help preserve resources. Copper is especially valuable for its conductive properties and high recyclability and you will receive more cash in return for copper scraps. The more you can do to preserve resources, the better off the world will be in the long run.

In addition, you clear out potentially dangerous piles of rubbish around the construction site and provide additional room for those working in the area. Whether you plan to build a new office building or just want to add a new room onto your residential home, any and all scrap metals should be sold to keep the risk of injury low. This will also keep curb appeal at its maximum level by reducing the amount of rubbish left out on the property during and after a project.