Hiring the Right Access Equipment for the Job

 It’s very common for tradespeople and home DIY enthusiasts to hire access equipment rather than buy it outright. In addition to avoiding the financial outlay required to purchase access equipment, some of the many benefits to hiring rather than buying are seen to include:

  • Accessing a wide range of access equipment – This equipment is available in different sizes and styles.
  • Accessing expert advice – A top equipment hire company can advise customers on their access equipment requirements.
  • Accessing great deals – As there are so many equipment hire businesses about, the inherent competition between competing businesses keeps hire rates competitively low.

These reasons and many more help to explain why so many tradespeople and DIY experts are hiring access equipment rather than buying it outright. If you’re about to commence work on a project that requires access equipment, get in touch with a few leading access equipment companies in London and compare their rates. As most tradespeople and home improvement enthusiasts quickly realise, it’s easy to get a great deal when you procure and compare quotes from multiple hire companies.

Choosing the Right Equipment

What access equipment do you require for your next project? As mentioned earlier, access equipment comes in numerous styles and sizes, so you need to work out the requirements of your project by looking at factors such as:

  • Access space – How much space is there to erect the access solution and provide workers with ample space to work and move about safely?
  • Access height – How high is access required? You need to ensure that your workers can work safely and to high standards, so the access equipment hired must be of the correct height.
  • Access weight – How much weight will the access solution need to bear? Don’t only consider the combined bodyweight of your workers, but also the tools and equipment that they’ll be using.


As there are so many important considerations to consider here, most tradespeople (even those with many years’ experience working on a variety of different worksites with different access requirements) find it advantageous to source a top equipment hire company that offers multiple access solutions. This is because a leading equipment hire company can advise you on your access requirements and help you hire the right access equipment for the requirements of the job.

Research and Budgeting

If you’re to get a great deal on access hire equipment for your next project, whether that’s a commercial or residential project, you need to research rates and work out your budget. That can be difficult if you’re not yet sure what access equipment you require, so you need to ensure that you’ve decided on the right item of equipment before you start researching rates and allocating a budget.

Don’t skip this very important step, because if you do, there’s a very good chance you won’t get a great deal and you’ll find that you’ve paid too much. It happens all the time, so shop around by using a top online directory to source local service providers and keep your next project on time and on budget!