How to Determine Which Vacuum Filter You Really Need

Vacuum cleaners have made it easier to keep your home clean and dust free. High end machines even help remove allergens and tiny particles that cause asthma, coughs, and runny noses. For people who have pets at home, there is no tool as wonderful as vacuum cleaners that remove pet hair, not to mention other types of debris that can be harmful to pets, children, and even adult humans. One of the drawbacks of vacuum cleaners would be that most of them are fitted with filters. While modern technology has made the filters durable and long-lasting, not to mention high performing, you might be forced to change the filter ever so often. When that time comes, you need to refer to a few guidelines, in order to determine the type of vacuum filter that you need. There are plenty of choices in the market for people looking to buy the right vacuum filter. The tips offered below will help you choose the correct product.

Type 1 versus Type 2 filters.

The first type of filter cleans most of the dust particles from the matter that is suctioned into the vacuum cleaner. The type 2 filter will then further clean the air passing into the vacuum cleaner. This two way filtration ensures that the dust and dirt is easily removed from the environment, leaving your home clean and dust free. You would need to choose which type of filter you need to change, among these two, before you purchase a filter.

Cartridge filters.

These filters are easy to replace. They can be snapped off the base onto which they are fixed, and a new one can be put in their place. Most cartridge filters are primarily made from a soft, flexible material such as foam rubber, which makes their removal and replacement easy and hassle free. You can also purchase these filters based on their material. Foam rubber is more long lasting, while paper filters are cheaper.


Those looking to replace type 2 filters can invest in filters made of foam. Foam is not by itself a very efficient filtration tool. This is why it is primarily used for secondary filtration. You might consider cleaning and refitting the foam filter in your vacuum cleaner, rather than replace it outright. However, if the filter is too clogged for efficient operation, or dirt is embedded too deeply into it, you would want to replace this filter.

Bag filters.

Usually made from fabric, these are the most common type of filters in vacuum cleaners. They are used in high capacity vacuum cleaners, owing to their ability to remove large amounts of dust. These filters are also cost effective, since they are washable. However, should the filter be nearing the end of its lifespan, you would want to invest in a new one.

You would also want to select a filter by matching it with the brand of the vacuum cleaner. Most manufacturers have a line of filters that specifically go with their vacuum cleaners. Usually, shopping online from retailers like FilterBuy – Vacuum Filters for these filters is easy because you simply have to match the vacuum cleaner brand and model to available products. That said, it is important to keep the above criteria in mind, to offer you further benefits.